Best of Dubrovnik

// March 15, 2018

Known as the Pearl of the Adriatic, this coastal town in Croatia with views over the blue water, walks through the old town, some of the best seafood and boutique hotels is a perfect tourist destination.

In 13th century it became an important Mediterranean sea power but throughout the history it was destructed on several ocations. In 1667 it was hit by the earthquake and in 1991 it was damaged by armed conflict. Nevertheless, the city  managed to keep the architectural monuments almost intact and preserve its beautiful churches, monasteries and palaces. We present some of the Dubrovnik’s most famous attractions.

The Old City Walls

Exploring the medieval city walls is definitely a must-do in Dubrovnik. It consist in a 2 kilometres long walk along the battlements. They reach the hight of 25m and have serveral towers and fortresses: Minčeta tower on the landward edge, the Boka Tower and Fort Lawrence on the west and Fort Revelin and Fort St. John on the east. The walls date back to the 13th century and offer some of the most spectacular views of the city and the sea. It is also a perfect spot for all the photography lovers.

Rector’s Palace

In the times of Republic of Ragusa the rector used to reside this building that nowadays is a cultural history museum. The museum exhibits the belongings of Ragusan aristocrats. Some of its halls have styled furniture, portraits and paintings, etc. that recreate the atmosphere of the old times. Originally, the building was constructed in the 15th century and had  several reconstructions in Renaissance and Baroque style.

Dubrovnik Cathedral

It used to be a Romanesque cathedral but was destroyed in the earthquake. In the 18th  century the baroque Assumption of the Virgin Mary Cathedral was built on its foundations. There is a legend that says that Richard the Lionheart ordered to build this cathedral in order to thank God for saving him in the storm near the Lokrum Island. Inside the cathedral there is a treasury that holds reliquaries from 11th to 19th century.

Old pharmacy and Franciscan monastery

The Franciscan monastery is really a cultural and historical treasure. In the past it had defence purposses and nowadays is a place with a valubable library and one of the oldest pharmacies in Europe. Today the pharmacy still functions but is also a museum where you can see pharmaceutical tools from the times of old Ragusa.

If you want to see more….

Lokrum island

A 10 minutes ride on a ferry will take you to Lokrom island. There you can take a walk through botanical gardens from 19th century, explore the ruins of Benedictine monastery, hike to Fort Royal which promises some amazing views and, in the summer, go for a swim.